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This page named as IMAGE includes "Patrick's Gallery", so...

Click here to access Patrick's Gallery

This is also a painting for my new book "GREEN ART". I finished it on 12.01.10.

2010/1 The title is - "The Green Tower" Dimensions : A. CLOSED 215x345x105 mm. B. OPEN 359x345x125 mm.

I've already added this painting to the pages of my new book "GREEN ART". I finished it on 12.11.09.

2009/6 The title is - "Questions with no words... ...Good replies from GOD!" Dimensions : A. CLOSED 265x410x140 mm. B. OPEN 520x410x150 mm.

When I started this painting, it did seem that I had a good message from God! I finished it on 04.09.09.

2009/4 The title is in French - "C'est ma clé en Symétrique!"

I always think about evolution, so before the human beings there were lots of monkeys, so now we are not "Mon+keys", we are like a "Monk & Keys".

Dimensions - Closed: 26x39.5x10.5 cms. Open: 44x39.5x10.5 cms.

I finished this painting in March. I was inspired because in 2007 I had a prediction about my daughter Rosie being pregnant in June - 2008. That was true and she talked to us about that just after the funeral of my mother B.M.W. in June! My prediction was for a grandson, and after the scan it was to be a girl, but it was a boy - Jago - who was born on the day when I came back from Switzerland in December! Rosie Woodroffe and Simon Hedges both work for the Wildlife Concervation Society, looking after the wild dogs and elephants, etc. It was strange when I started the sketch - the baby looked like a boy. JAGO is now 2, and he always looks at the flowers, trees, animals and birds! We never know what he shall work for in the future!

2009/2: "W.C.S. - Double You... See - YES!"

Dimensions 455x613 mm.

In February (2009) - I finished this one, which seems to have a good message from God!

In January (2009) I had to finish this new frame for my very old painting, which I did in 1977 for my publisher "Dragon's World" - the calendar 1978. Falmouth Art Gallery, where I have lots of good friends - mainly Brian Stewart who was in charge, wanted to buy this painting in 2005, when I had a big exhibition there. It's now in the collection of Falmouth Art Gallery.

You don't need the real website address for Claus's new gallery "FANTASMUS"... just search, and you shall find it on the TOP! I finished a big new painting that I hope shall work well mainly as a poster for that Gallery. The main title is - "Our DEN with a MARK!" When I was at FANTASMUS in June 2009, the TV included a lot of that!

Denmark really is very green, so that's why I did this image including wind-farms, etc. This image is included in my new book "GREEN ART" just to encourage young people to do really good paintings that can last forever - positive messages, nature, green, God etc. There's only one chapter that's not finished, but when I finished Chapter C about Falmouth Art Gallery and I printed all the pages, all the people who work there were very pleased!

My new book "BENIGN ICONS" was printed in 2008.

The price shall go down, so it would be a good idea to contact the publisher Claus Brusen Mikkelsen - FANTASMUS on this next address mainly because the book is cheaper now than when it was launched.


This book is also possible to buy via Bud's ArtBooks.com and also "Freaks Bookshops" - Barcelona/Spain.

There are 224 pages (23x31 cms.) with hard cover and dustjacket. The weight is approximately 1.7 kilograms, so the cost of sending it by post shall be slightly different depending on which country you are in.

It was launched on the 14.06.08 at "FANTASMUS" C.A.I.I.R. - Centre for Art International Imaginary Realism, GROENNEGADE 3, 9300 SAEBY, DENMARK.

LIMITED EDITION A.) - 30: One book in a box with the giclée prints of P/55 "The Metamorphosis of the Tiger" The illustrations that I did for my old book "The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony" - 1978. COST - 1000 Euros.

LIMITED EDITION B.) - 70: One book next to a box just to protect one giclée print of H/37 "The Milk Robbers" An oil painting that I included in my book "Hallelujah Anyway" - 1982. COST - 300 Euros.

Here is a broad selection to show the diversity of Patrick's imagery produced for different projects. It is not intended to show his best work, but to give examples of all techniques used - watercolours, oils, pencil drawings, etchings, tomographs, etc.

"All artists I know would make the same comment. I'm never satisfied with any reproduction of my imagery, especially on computer. To judge the quality of my work you really need to see the originals. There is no comparison. For some of my smallest paintings many people need a good pair of glasses, even a magnifier."

Please remember that all the images and texts included in this web-site are owned by Patrick James Woodroffe, which means that nothing can be used for any other purposes without written permission from the owner. If any other copyrights are involved, then they shall be mentioned next to the appropriate image or text.

In December 2008 I had to be at an event at Lons-Le-Saunier in France, so all I had to do was talk to people in French and sign my new book. I did have time to do these two small "silly" sketches, which I gave to "Mon Oncle Lucien".

When I got home from France I had to do another small sketch about my daughter Rosie Woodroffe who gave birth on the day I came back home. This is also to do with "W.C.S." - World Conservation Society . Rosie and Simon Hedges both work for "W.C.S.". I'm now a GRANDFATHER, so for me that was the main news for 2008!

I finished this painting on the 29th. of November, 2008. The title is "JACOB'S LADDER" and we do have a real one in Falmouth, so here are the notes that I did before the sketch: Our planet (Earth) is our home (our house) and we could have several views from the "WINDOWS". "A.D." - Automatic DOOR.

IMAGES done in 2006 and 2007

This image "Peace" was my main suggestion for the book cover of "Benign Icons".

In my new book "Benign Icons" I have included a bit of the story which I did for my film project "Your Place or Mine?" This image was done as a sketch many years ago, so now I have added layers of oil colour.

These are also sketches done years ago for my film project "Your Place or Mine?" and now with oil colour added. The story fits in well with "Benign Icons", especially as everything I do has a possitive message.

I show this image both ways up, mainly because it has positive messages which ever way you see it. I may change the title. The dimensions are 40 X 40 cms.

Falmouth is full of beautiful chimneys, even dracaena growing from the tops. This is another image that inspired me simply because of a mysterious message I shall be able to interpret one day.

This painting was also inspired by the mysteries of life and Nature. No scientist could ever predict evolution for our distant future. To see that makes me feel keen to live forever!.

This is an unusually simple image, my plan to exclude any other small distracting subjects. I had no intention to include a facial expression, but my wife Jean spotted two straight away. Anyway, they're not supposed to look sad!.

All my images have a positive message, even a bit mysterious to myself, but as I did this new image I realised that I wanted us to use the swastika a different way, especially as it has a totally different effect in India and also as I love the Germans.

I started this image "The Animal's Epiphany" in 1990, but a few years ago I never expected to have the ability to finish it. Anyway, 175 Christmas Cards from me were printed in 2006.


We also agreed on the latest suggestion for the title - INTERNATIONAL FANTASY REALISM. I also came up with a silly poem that really fits in with this global club - IFR.

Just imagine a nation - just of imagination! An international nation - with reality in action! An images nation - in friendship forever! Fantastic idea - International Fantasy Realism!!!

I added colour to some small old sketches for use as cut-outs in my new book - "Benign Icons".


I contributed these four to the exhibition at the castle VOERGAARD SLOT near SAEBY in Denmark, an international group show in celebration of 200 years after the birth of Hans Christian Andersen. A catalogue was produced, and if you really would like one, then I'm sure Claus could sell you one via e-mail. So you can find his address via my LINKS on my PALS page.

Claus Brusen bought this one as well as two other originals - "The Death of the Air" from my book "The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony" and "Heros' Welcome" - proofs, a print as well as the copper-plate of the etching I did for my book "Tinker".

My landscapes always seem to have the greatest effect. I usually finish a painting long before being able to understand myself what kind of message there is in it. This painting was sold in 2007 at St. Barbe Museum, Lymington, for £10,000 + commission.

This one is difficult to interpret - even for me, simply because I did it so recently. At least I know that there's a very optimistic philosophy in there.

This image was inspired by something that happened to me in the distant past. I came up with a very silly song for my kids, when they were young... "All my cows are purple, all my pigs are brown. See my yellow horses - their socks are falling down!".

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