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This page is still not really completed, simply because reproductions, books, etc. are eventually intended to be included on sale. Anyway, my first experiment, which was for selling originals, has so far had no effect. I find it very hard to be sure whether an unknown potential client is trustworthy or not, so I am beginning to realise that the best way to sell my originals is by meeting up with potential customers who make me a very good offer.


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The prices have now been taken off, simply because a few of my originals have recently sold for much higher prices. I'm never keen on selling, mainly because I have always wanted to keep the best ones included in my travelling show "Pastures in the Sky". In fact most people who do own my originals are very unwilling to sell them again, which has meant that there can be very few guidelines for valuations. However, it is interesting to know that the insurance value of the first painting I ever sold ("The Birth of Animated Nature") has risen from 200 to 19,000 within about 25 years. So, my idea for the moment is not really to offer just ten originals, yet with as much possible difference in dates, prices, etc. The list begins with the lowest possible price and ends with the highest.

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