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This page is here just for Patrick to talk of his experiences in his homeland, any topics relevant to the real world he lives in. The next two pages (FRAN. & DEUT.) are there for a similar purpose, but mainly to talk of his Swiss projects.

"I have been a vegetarian since I was nine years old. Living on a Devon farm at that time I was horrified by the slaughter of innocent creatures. But I would never be against other people being carnivorous, simply because the world does need predators to maintain an effective evolution system. I am a "green fascist", but like most people with the same claim, I can't avoid the "ungreen" seduction of air travel. But I've still not learned to drive; I ride three bikes - two at home and one in Switzerland. Cornwall has inspired me right from the start, a landscape so aesthetic, flowers almost throughout the year, a coast with so many footpaths, probably more than in any other country. I have lived here since 1964, so many locals know me well, especially my pupils for French and German at Falmouth High School. My wife Jean has worked for Batemans Opticians - a friendly family business - since the same year, so I've always had good glasses for close-up work. Cornwall has always been my real home, but I also feel very much at home in Gruyères, Switzerland, the place where many of my most ambitious projects are coming through. The best example is "La Route des Cloches" (The Bell Path) - see this huge project on the BELLS page. The most popular meal in Gruyères is a mixture of two local melted cheeses refered to as fondue moitié moitié (melted half and half), so when I have exhibitions in Switzerland I often talk of myself as being both Cornish and Swiss - cornouaillais/gruérien moitié moitié."

The heraldry of the Cornish Saint Piran is in fact the same colour as that of the Canton (Fribourg) in which Gruyères finds itself.

"Y E L L O W  F I E L D"

© COPYRIGHT Patrick James Woodroffe

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